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Canon DP-V3010

Canon DP-V3010

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The Canon DP-V3010 is a 30-inch, 4K professional reference display for 4K production workflows, offering superb image quality and excellent operability. Ideal for use in a grading suite, for editing, or on location.

30” 4K professional reference display
This professional reference display matches the output of DCI-compliant digital cinema projectors, offering a space- and cost-efficient complement or alternative. With a reliable, robust, space-saving design it’s ideal for desktop or wall installation.

Faithful colour reproduction
The combination of IPS LCD panel, high-purity RGB LED backlight system and Canon processor excels in accurate, repeatable, uniform and stable colour reproduction - resulting in almost no visible variation between displays. Colour gamuts of multiple broadcast standards are supported, including DCI-P3, ITU-R BT.709, EBU, SMPTE-C and Adobe RGB¹. When the display is in operation, extremely high colour precision is continuously maintained by an advanced system which automatically corrects any changes in colours and brightness over time, to ensure highly stable display performance.

High resolution LCD panel
Thanks to 4096 x 2560 resolution, the IPS LCD panel can display native DCI 4K video (4096 x 2160) without any scaling. A wide variety of input formats from 23.98P to 60P are supported.

2000:1 contrast ratio
The high-contrast IPS LCD panel and Canon’s image processing technology combine to achieve a contrast ratio of 2000:1, as recommended by the SMPTE². Accurate reproduction of gradation ensures faithful display of dark images, such as shadow detail or night time scenes.

2K/Full HD
For 2K and Full HD production users can select from three scaling methods, including Canon’s original Shape Trace mode that suppresses the jagged appearance of diagonal lines.

Wide 178° viewing angle
DP-V3010 supports a wide angle of view thanks to minimal changes in colour and contrast across the IPS LCD panel – ideal when multiple users need to check image quality at the same time.

Canon Log support
A dedicated Canon Log picture mode allows easy conversion of Canon Log gamma images, captured using Cinema EOS cameras, into images suitable for monitoring.

From set to post
DP-V3010 helps maintain colour consistency throughout the workflow. The ASC CDL³ metadata format is supported - colour adjustment parameters can be set and imported or exported via USB memory. Support for a range of LookUp Tables allows accurate colour matching on set or in the grading suite.

Easy operation
Operation of DP-V3010 is intuitive, thanks to unobtrusive GUI design and placement of buttons and dials on the remote control unit. Use of a third-party external sensor allows calibration without a PC.

Key Features

30” 4K professional reference display for digital cinema and video production
Faithful colour reproduction thanks to Canon processor and wide colour gamut support, including DCI-P3
Ultra-high resolution IPS LCD panel (4096 x 2560) displays native 4K at up to 60P
Supports 2000:1 contrast ratio
High quality 2K/Full HD display via choice of scaling modes
Wide 178° viewing angle
Canon Log gamma support with dedicated picture mode
Consistency from set to post: 1D/3D-LUTs and ASC CDL supported
Designed for easy operation, with intuitive dial control
Unique, robust design for long-term panel stability; easy installation on desk or wall

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