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Hybrid Video-Collaboration Meeting Room Systems

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Hybrid Video-Collaboration Meeting Room Systems

We offer our clients a complete range of advanced Collaboration and Videocommunication solutions.

Being brand agnostic and independently owned means we can invest freely in the most appropriate platforms and systems that we believe will resolve our clients’ communication problems.

We go on the journey with our clients, from the very beginning of the project inception, through to project delivery and hand-over. The process often involves sponsoring a proof of concept phase which irons out technical glitches and inter-operable problems that surround ‘open’ architecture systems. This means we are always confident we can deliver the projects we are awarded and by bringing all parties together with a common goal agreed we can all share in the success of clients achieving better collaborative work practices that free up their peoples time, money and resources.

Technically we cover the major brands such as Cisco, Poly, Zoom and many more. But we invest in training our people and believe this is something that sales and engineering staff should be doing constantly to keep abreast of the ever increasing collaboration technology sector.

Finepoint AV is a Certified Partner of:

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