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EVS XT3 ChannelMAX

EVS XT3 ChannelMAX server


With the ChannelMAX mode of the XT3 server, you get legendary EVS speed and reliability with the new ability to expand your channel capacity through Multicam engine software updates. ChannelMAX allows your XT3 to grow alongside your needs - for the ultimate production ease and flexibility. EVS servers feature a non-stop recording through a looped process that never ends, so you never miss any action. Native support of all codecs and ChannelMAX support every SuperMotion camera on the market enable enhanced storytelling through two, three, four, six, eight or ten time SuperMotion, Unlike other systems, the XT3 features expandable storage through a choice of onboard and externally expandable options for up to 350+ hours in HD at 100Mbps. Best of all, the XT3 ChannelMAX, available in 6U or 4U, evolves with your ever-changing production needs, so you'll be sure you’re covered – now and in the future.

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