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Canon XJ86x9.3ESM

Canon XJ86x9.3ESM 86x HD box lens


XJ86x9.3ESM 9.3 to 800mm with 2x extender to 1600mm.

Features built-in image stabiliser with external switch cable and is available with Vinten active head software on request.

With supporter and wedge plate to fit either portable or studio cameras. Includes servo zoom & focus remotes, raincover and manual.

Battery kit supplied on request.

Case weights and dimensions:
Lens: 51kgs, 42.0x84.5x44.5 cm. Accs: 40kgs, 33.0x76.5x61.0 cm.

Supplied accessories:
Supporter with wedge plate and screws, rain cover, zoom control in two parts, focus control with clamp, 2 x zoom/focus cable, stabiliser cable, CR-30 clamp, allen key for height adjustment, allen key for wedge plate bolts and manual.

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