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Canon XJ100x9.3ESM

Canon XJ100x9.3ESM 100x HD box lens


XJ100x9.3ESM 9.3 to 930mm with 2x extender to 1860mm.

Features built-in image stabiliser with external switch cable.

With supporter and wedge plate to fit either portable or studio cameras. Includes

servo zoom & focus remotes, raincover and manual.

Battery kit supplied on request.

Case weights and dimensions:
Lens: 51kgs, 42.0x84.5x44.5 cm. Accs: 40kgs, 33.0x76.5x61.0 cm

Supplied accessories:
Supporter with wedge plate and screws, rain cover, zoom control in two parts, focus control with clamp, 2 x zoom/focus cable, stabiliser cable, CR-30 clamp, allen key for height adjustment, allen key for wedge plate bolts and manual.

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