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4K/HD Portable Studio Camera Head with SMPTE Fibre Interface.
Capable of 3x speed or an optional 8x speed in HD/2x in 4K.

Two configurations available with HDCU-4300, or BPU-4000 coupled with an HDCU-2500 for more processing power to provide progressive output in all formats.

Optional: SZC-4002 high speed licence / SZC-2001 4K licence.

Supplied as a channel in three cases with HDC-U4300/BPU-4000+HDCU-2500, RCP-1500, camera headset, monocular VF and HDVF-EL75.

Supplied accessories: rain cover, HDLA ears, VCT-14, comm's breakout, RCP control cable, touchdown cable.


4K/HD Studio Camera

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