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3G High definition camera capable of operating at 1080 line and 50i/60i/30p/25p/24p frame rates or 720 line and 30p/25p frame rates.
Available as a channel supplied with Headset, HDCU-2500, RCP-1500 and HDVF-EL75 VF.

Will also run at 1080/720 line 50p/100p/100i/119.88i double speed frame rates. Down-converted output also available.

Double speed feature capable with one of our super motion EVS servers.

Integral fibre back for up to 2km cable length when used with HDCU-2500.

Case weights and dimensions:
21kgs, 76.5x36.0x35.0 cm

Supplied accessories:
HDVF-20 monocular viewfinder with microphone, VCT-14 base plate, HDLA hangers, raincover and manual


SONY HDC-2500 HD 3G system camera

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