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AV Over IP & Video Networks

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AV Over IP & Video Networks

One of the biggest trends in the professional AV technology sector is ‘Networked AV’.  By distributing audio and video signals over the IP network businesses can dramatically make their AV installations more flexible, configurable and scalable.

We have invested heavily in IP technologies that support AV networking as we believe this is the way forward and will eventually be second nature for organisations to use IP routing for all their meeting space systems.  As you can centrally control and manage your equipment when on an IP network this reduces the AV equipment total cost of ownership and makes AV more accountable to the IT support teams. More control more flexibility and greater availability of resources to the end users means organisations can be more efficient with high value resources such as meeting rooms conference spaces and executive boardrooms.

Sharing resources in real-time also means the growth of conference room control platforms from key manufacturers like Harman(AMX), Extron, Kramer, IDK, Zoom and many more see this as a vital area to invest R&D. Finepoint AV supports all the major brands involved in the AV over IP arena and look forward to hearing from you about your AV over IP project.

Click on the logos below for IP Ninja Brochure full of interesting use cases and senarios

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