Firmware updates for the Sony PXW camcorder range

Firmware updates for Sony's PXW camcorder range

PXW-X400We are excited to announce Sony have released a firmware upgrade for the PXW camcorder range. Annonced at IBC, the software update for these shoulder mount camcorders has been released earlier than originally expected. 

Firmware updates include:
 – Main firmware V3.20 & Network Function firmware V3.14
PXW-X500 – Main firmware V5.20 & Network Function firmware V3.13
PXW-Z450 – Main firmware V3.00 &  Network Function firmware V3.15

The Sony PXW firmware updates are free of charge and can be downloaded from:
Please make sure you read the embedded Version Up guide carefully before attempting the update.

Improved Functions (common):

Support SDHC card 
. MPEG HD420 ( HQ/SP) formats can now be recorded on SDHC media via the MEAD-SD02 adapter.
. SDHC cards can only be used in FAT formatting mode, they do not support any recovery process.
. Benefits:  Allow users to  record on cheap, easily available consumer type media in emergency.

Wifi Station settings in Camcorder Menu
. Direct access  to  Station Setting (SSID &  Key) via the Camcorder Network Menu.
. No need to  load the Station settings from the Camcorder webpage or from Content Browser Mobile in advance via WiFi Access Point mode
. Benefits: User friendly ,ease of setup, following VoC.    

3x  NCM preset memories
. Network Client Mode settings ( for  PWS-100/110RX1 or XDCAMair Cloud)  can now be stored inside NCM Preset 1 , Preset 2  and Preset 3  internal memories.
. Benefits: Fast and flexible changes in the field of QoS Streaming servers destinations ( Cloud  or Station(s) premises) 

Assignable Proxy recording mode 
. The Proxy recording mode can now be selected directly from an assignable button , no need to enter the menu.
. Benefits:  Fast /easy setup, following VoC. 

Integration with DWX  digital Wireless system  
. Power/ Stand-by on/off of the DWX transmitters can be controlled through the slot-in DWR- receivers of the camcorder.
. Note : Upgrade the DWR-S01 to V1.16, DWR-S02D to V1.07 , DWR-S02DN to V1.12 firmware versions.
. Benefits:  Green / Battery Power saving, longer operating time. 

CNA-1 support  (TBC)
. Although this feature is not described in the release note, I believe the camcorders are now supporting the CNA-1  in Simple  protocol  conversion mode (700 legacy to IP 700 protocol)  as promised by the Planning team J
. Benefits:  Allows long distance shading from RCP-1500  series over Ethernet  (TBC) 

PXW-X400 only:

ATW Pure is added

. The Auto Tracing White can now be set in PURE mode in addition of the existing NATURAL mode, allowing better color matching with PMW-400 , PMW-500  Automatic Tracing White Balance algorithms.

. Listening to Broadcasters VoC. 

PXW-X500  only:

Lens RET bug with CA-FB70
. The lens Return function didn’t work on V5.10  and V5.11 , the bug was reported by PSE and now corrected .
. Listening to customers reports and issues.  

PXW-Z450  only:

HDR support in  HLG   &  Slog3

. Hybrid-Log Gamma  and S-log3  gamma curves  are both supported for HDR shooting and Live Production.
. HLG  is  available in HLG_BT.2100  or  HLG_Live modes.
. Note: In HDR  mode  is only available in exFAT mode, only  in QFHD or HD recording modes.
. First shoulder camcorder to support true High Dynamic Range, ideal companion to UHD HDR Live production cameras, preferred choice for HDR steadycamer’s. 

HLG display assistance
. Allows the camcorder Viewfinder and side LCD Monitor to  reproduce the higher dynamic range  of HLG.
. Note : the  HLG  display (Mlut) is not  recorded neither available on nthonly available in exFAT mode in QFHD  or HD recording.
. Cameraman/woman stays in control, HDR exposure is optimized.

Enhanced Noise Suppression modes
. The noise suppression mode get a high settings  and can be set individually to every Gain setting. 
. Customer satisfaction, improved Picture quality in HD following customer feedback.

Picture cache  and S&Q  modes available in 4K (QFHD) 
. The PXW-Z450  now  supports these usefull and creative features in UHD recording modes in addition to the HD  recording formats. 
. Note : Picture cache Maximum duration is 2 Sec.  in XAVC QFHD Intra 25P , 8 Sec. in XAVC QFHD Long 50p , 12Sec. XAVC QFHD Long 25p 
. Same content creativity in QFHD as in HD.

Improved Focus Magnifier 
. The HDVF-EL20  or  HDFV-EL30 Magnified picture resolution (ie. when Focus MAG is set to ON) is improved when the Z450  is recording  4K (QFHD)
. Cameraman/woman  stays in control of 4K critical picture sharpness .