Finepoint webinar series

Finepoint will be hosting regular webinars to demonstrate key features and functionalities of Sony’s professional range of products.
Finepoint webinar

Sony PWS-4500 webinar
On the Wednesday 31st January, we hosted our second webinar on Sony's PWS-4500 live server system for next-generation 4K/HD live production solution with IP technology. Hosted by Andy Hotten from Sony, the webinar covered a range of key features and components, benefits, third party product integration, plus more. If you missed this webinar, or would just like a recap, click here. 

For more information on the PWS-4500, click here to read our article - 8 reasons to choose the PWS-4500 4K live server, or visit our product page here

Sony HDC-4800 webinar
On the Tuesday 31st October, we hosted our first webinar on Sony's HDC-4800. The webinar covered a range of key features and components of the camera.  Neil Thompson, a Sony Independent Certified
Expert from imagemechanic, hosted the webinar, along with our own Richard Baker. In the webinar, they discussed:
. Basic components 
. Interoperability with other cameras
. Superb high frame rate 
. Lens options 
. Opportunities in the market place
. Competitor analysis.
. Limitations 

If you missed this webinar, or would just like a recap, click here or for more information on the HDC-4800, visit our product page here.