New Sony HDC-4300 cameras for hire

Finepoint Broadcast has announced that it will be investing over £2M in the next 12 months to strengthen its increasingly robust hire fleet.

As 4K/UHD continues to gain acceptance in the market, Finepoint can now meet the mounting number of requests for 4K cameras and associated lenses with the help of its investment in new Sony HDC-4300 cameras. These cameras utilise ultra-high-precision alignment technology to realise three 2/3-inch 4K image sensors.

Finepoint’s Managing Director Giles Bendig said: "This investment demonstrates our commitment to our customer base as we continue to advance our 35 year reputation for quality and the latest technology”.

Additionally, and very excitingly, Finepoint sales division has been growing from strength to strength. As well as taking on key personnel in sales and marketing (David Gill, Richard Baker, Casey O’Donoghue and Laura Shackleton) to focus on the broadcast sector, we also offer sales and solutions in Pro AV (Paul MacKenzie).

This strong commitment, investment and expertise in these sectors has been viewed very positively in the industry and to bolster our authorised Canon accreditation, we are very excited to announce that we have been awarded JVC and Sony SPSS accredited reseller status. In Pro AV, we are also happy to announce a new sales agreement with IDK, making us the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland.

“We see this investment strategy, in Hire and Sales, as the next stage in Finepoint’s great history of supporting the Broadcast Industry, taking us into another 35 successful years” commented Giles.

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