Technology-Exposed Showcases Latest Digital Developments in AV

The annual Technology-Exposed exhibition at Brooklands provided a useful opportunity to catch up on the latest audiovisual hardware, software and systems. Held in the Mercedes-Benz World event centre from Wednesday September 5 through September 6, this year's show was supported by leading-brand manufacturers of media players, large format displays, videowall controllers, teleconference systems and supporting equipment.

Among the key themes for 2018 was the rise and of 'traditional meets digital', reflecting the increasing role of internet-connected devices for one-to-one and group communication. When integrated into efficient systems, these offer massive saving in terms of travel time and related costs, enabling personnel in any part of the world to cooperate closely as a unified team. Skype is just the start.

Also developing quickly is the entire field of virtual learning including large-screen interactive displays and immersive virtual reality. VR looks set to revolutionise the whole field of education and postgraduate training by allowing students to concentrate fully on each stage of a presentation. And don't write off 3D; it is alive and well and will come into its own as 8K displays become affordable: 4,000 x 4,000 pixels per VR eyeball will be seriously high resolution.