Canon HJ14ex4.3 IRSE (Used)

Canon HJ14ex4.3 IRSE Canon HJ14ex4.3 IRSE Canon HJ14ex4.3 IRSE

Canon HJ14ex4.3 IRSE

Canon HJ14ex4.3, widest portable HDTV lens by Canon



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Canon's HJ14ex4.7B is now in stock at Finepoint Broadcast. This lens has been the most popular HDTV wide-angle lens in the world and is known for its outstanding optical performance and ease of operation. Now, Canon is introducing unique technology with the launch of our most advanced HDTV wide-angle lens, the HJ14ex4.3B. In addition to the lens's™ new design, the HJ14ex4.3B realised the widest angle among all the broadcast lenses while maintaining or even improving its exceptional optical performance. Moreover, the newly developed drive-unit will provide further more ease of operation which will strongly support the camera operator.

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