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Canon 90:1 UHD Lens (New)

Canon 90:1 UHD Lens

Canon 90:1 UHD Lens




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A versatile and fully-featured broadcast 2/3” 4K field lens with 90x zoom, 9-810mm focal length and image stabilisation that’s fully compatible with 2/3” 4K cameras and broadcast environments where HDTV is currently in use.

Delivering exceptional optical performance, outstanding focal range and ideal for use within live broadcast production environments.

The new lens ensures full 4K resolution from the image centre to the edges, at both telephoto and wide angle, thanks to advanced optical construction. Additionally, an increased use of fluorite and UD glass, combined with Canon’s expert use of coatings, results in exceptional control over ghosting and flare with sharp, high contrast images supporting a large number of tones.


UHD DIGISUPER 90 (UJ90x9B) key benefits:

  • 2/3” 4K field lens with 90x zoom and 9-810mm focal length (up to 1620mm with the 2x built-in extender)
  • Achieve stunning 4K resolution from 2/3” 4K cameras that extends right to the corners of the image
  • Retain stunning 4K resolution even with image stabilisation applied
  • Similar size and weight to HD field lenses mean it seamlessly integrates with existing HDTV technical setups and shooting environments. 
  • Sustained 4K performance with precise focus and high zoom ratio
  • Cover wide spaces like large sports arenas with a single lens thanks to the wide focal range
  • Full support for virtual systems thanks to the built-in 16-bit encoder
  • Fully compatible with existing Canon HD field lens accessories

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