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Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S (New)

Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S

Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S

Canon CN-E 70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S Cine-Servo Lens 



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The CN-E70-200mm T4.4 L IS KAS S from Canon has been designed for professional and advanced amateur videographers using large-format, single-sensor cameras, it ensures that movies, documentaries, weddings and corporate videos can be captured with the upmost precision and quality. Offering an impressive focal length of 70-200mm in the Super 35 image circle, the versatile lens joins the CN-E18-80mm launched in 2016 and completes Canon’s compact cine-servo lens line-up.

High-quality features, low price tag
Balancing form and function, the CN-E70-200 is equally at home in wedding, corporate, commercial, drone-based, movie or documentary productions. Designed to suit professionals the cine-servo lens features an impressive 70-200 mm focal length, delivering 2.85x optical zoom and is compatible with EF extenders, delivering up to 400mm focal range. Weighing just 1.25 kg, it also promises consistent brightness and precise electronic zoom control – enabling filmmakers to achieve professional output within tight budget restraints.

Seamless EF-mount integration
Compatibility with the Canon EF-mount camera range unlocks an array of advanced and useful features. The three modes of image stabilisation help to deliver a polished and steadfast capture, while lightning-fast autofocus – via Dual Pixel CMOS AF (DAF) – is accompanied by one-shot and continuous AF to track a subject without losing focus. In addition, peripheral illumination correction balances the lighting throughout a scene, and control over aperture is also made possible from the camera’s display.

Engaging bokeh effect
Shallow depth of field footage enables filmmakers to create captivating productions. The CN-E70-200 features a 9-blade iris, which helps to provide a rounded, smooth bokeh effect. With minimal effort, users can therefore achieve an attractive, arresting output.

Eliminate focus breathing
When used for video productions, still lenses can suffer from focus breathing – creating distortion as the camera struggles to find the correct focal length. The CN-E70-200 is built specifically for video, minimising focus breathing to produce consistently precise, distortion-free footage – giving users the confidence to harness the full focal length of the lens.

Superb 4K performance
The CN-E70-200 isn’t just ready for 4K – it’s built to fully exploit ultra-high definition video production. Reduced chromatic aberration is assisted by superb colour balance – the likes of which features in Canon’s class-leading Cinema EOS lens series. In addition, modulation transfer functionality help the lens to deliver peerless image quality whether shooting in 4K or HD.

Convenient servo grip
An optional accessory for the CN-E70-200, the ZSG-C10 detachable servo grip has been crafted to unlock new possibilities for production crews and self-shooters. The grip enables comfortable shoulder-shooting when mounted on the lens barrel, and it can be operated in a handheld setup too. The ZSG-C10 also features a rocker switch, start/stop record button.


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