Canon C200 (New)

Canon C200 Canon C200 Canon C200 Canon C200 Canon C200

Canon C200

Canon Cinema EOS C200 EF Super 35mm 4K Digital Cinematography Camcorder



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Order now! Canon's 4K compact Cinema EOS camera C200 - The ultimate in creativity and flexibility.

The new Canon C200 is a compact cinema camera that is capable of shooting up tp 12-bit 4K 50p, or continuous 120p in full HD without crop. The C200 also features internal Cinema Raw Light capture – the first camera in the EOS range to support this new RAW format. This can all be seamlessly recorded internally to a CFast 2.0 card, and is powered by dual DIGIC DV6 processors.

Key Features: 
. The first Cinema EOS camera to support Cinema RAW Light: Cinema RAW Light offers the same flexibility and quality as Cinema RAW while outputting far more manageable file sizes
. High frame-rate recording: The C200 offers 4K capture at 50fps and 1080p capture up to 120fps internally, all without a crop
. Up to 13 stops of dynamic range: While shooting in RAW or C-Log the C200 can capture an impressive 13-stops of dynamic range, allowing greater flexibility when capturing highlights and shadow details
. Wide ISO range: An ISO range of 100-102,400 ensures impressive performance even in low-light conditions
. Built in neutral density filters: Built-in ND filters provide up to 10-stops of light transmittance, providing even greater flexibility when control the light in a shot, and depth-of-field control

Cinema RAW Light 
A new flexible codec that offers all of the benefits of shooting RAW without the excessively bulky file sizes. Canon have worked with their partners to provide a codec that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible, while ensuring it remains compatible with the major colour-correction applications.

Ergonimically designed for maximum usability 
Featuring a next generation Dual Pixel CMOS autofocus system, connectivity, and reliability all in a compact 1.4kg package, the C200 was engineered to meet the needs of the modern videographer.

Powered by Dual DIGIC DV6 processors 
The C200 boasts enough power to record high frame-rate 4K internally at 150mbps and even 2K at 35mbps to SD card in MP4 format.

Body only - £6,414
With EF 24-105mm f/4 IS II USM lens - £7,150

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