Sony HDC-3300/R

Sony HDC-3300/R

Sony HDC-3300/R

Sony HDC-3300/R complete camera channel 


Daily Hire Rate: £700



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Triple speed camera system for very high quality slow motion replays.

Includes HDCU-3300, RCP-750 and choice of 7” LCD/OLED viewfinder or large lens adaptor with 7” black & white viewfinder. 3 Phase HD-SDI output for connection to super EVS.

Standard speed HD-SDI and down-converted output also available.

Supplied with Peltor headset, VCT-14 base plate, HDLA hangers, raincover and manual. HDVF-20 monocular viewfinder (pictured) is optional upon request.

CAM: 21kgs, 76.5x36.0x35.0 cm RCP: 6kgs, 40.0x23.0x15.0 cm HDVF-EL75: 15kgs, 32.0x38.0x56.0 cm CCU: 25kgs, 63.5x55.5x25.5 cm HDVF-700A: 14kgs, 25.5x64.0x38.0 cm HDLA: 31kgs, 48.5x63.5x42.0 cm HDVF-C730: 10kgs, 48.5x35.5x28.0 cm

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